Strategic Planning

Since 2021, the 22nd District Agricultural Association Board of Directors has been actively engaged in discussions regarding strategic planning to better position the organization and the District’s property for the future.

This work began with the approval of statements from the Board defining the District’s purpose, mission, and values. Now, with this lens guiding the District as its North Star, the Board has begun a process to analyze potential challenges and opportunities; assess the current conditions of its facilities; consider potential future uses of the property; engage with stakeholders and community thought leaders; and gather input from subject-matter experts.

In 2023, this work also included discussions with the City of Del Mar about its request to potentially site affordable housing at the Fairgrounds and conversations with the San Diego Association of Governments and other stakeholders regarding future planning around the Los Angeles-San Diego Rail Corridor, which includes plans for a special events rail platform on the western edge of the District’s property. The platform would be transformational, cutting traffic and carbon emissions and changing the way people engage with the Fair and other major events and activities at the Fairgrounds.

This work will continue in the years ahead. In 2024, the District will begin laying the groundwork for a new master site plan to shape the future of the Fairgrounds and the Fair and ensure that the property will continue to serve as San Diego County’s iconic — and accessible — gathering place for decades to come.
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